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Product Description:TD-04A CobraWingspan:1300mm/51.2 inLength:1537mm/60.5 inFlying weight:3100g/109.4ozMotor:BL3541 KV1450 6SESC:80A ESC (Hobby Wing) 6SESC:80A High Voltage with 5A UBEC (Hobby Wing) 8SMotor:BL3553 KV1120 8SServo:9G*10pcs Digital&metal gear servoDucted fan:90mm 11 bladeslanding gear:Retractable Meta


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Product description

TD-04A Cobra

Wingspan:1300mm/51.2 in

Length:1537mm/60.5 in

Flying weight:3100g/109.4oz

Motor:BL3541 KV1450 6S

ESC:80A ESC (Hobby Wing) 6S

ESC:80A High Voltage with 5A UBEC (Hobby Wing) 8S

Motor:BL3553 KV1120 8S

Servo:9G*10pcs Digital&metal gear servo

Ducted fan:90mm 11 blades

landing gear:Retractable Metal langing gear


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